1. Our goal is to enroll students who demonstrate social, emotional and intellectual attributes that will set them up for success and allow them to thrive at Hansal International School. We also look for unique interests and personalities that will add to the collective character of our school community. Academic achievement and potential, like-mindedness with the school's program, and enthusiasm for the responsibilities that are shared by all students and families are essential. Below you will find a brief overview of the admission process with pertinent dates. A more in-depth look at the process is included at the bottom of this page. 
The application process includes the following. In addition, certain grades such as Kindergarten require additional materials, which are outlined in the online application.
Online parent application
1. School records, including grade reports and testing for past three years
2. A scheduled visit day

Our beautiful campus makes a lasting impression on everyone who visits. Even more impressive, and perhaps the best representation of the school, are the interactions with students and faculty that take place during a personal visit. If you live outside the local community, we can set up a virtual tour through Skype or Facetime. Please contact Admission Officer, Perry Jeff, at (234) 803-0836-502 or to connect with us in person or online.

When a family contacts the Office of Admission via telephone, email or in person, this is considered an inquiry, which is the first step in the admission process. Inquiries are received throughout the year and are welcome anytime. Some families contact the school two years before they might consider applying, which is perfectly acceptable as well. An inquiry may be as simple as a one question exchange, or an in-depth conversation and is not a commitment or obligation to apply.

Application Process
The application process is multi-tiered and includes submitting a formal application, as well as in-person or telephone interviews with the Admission Officer. Families learn about the school’s mission and values, programs, facilities, and community. At the same time, the school learns about a family’s reasons for exploring H.I.S and the goals they have for their child’s education. A tour of the school typically takes place at this point, although it can also be paired with the student visit day, which takes place later.

A complete application for admission consists of:

1. Completed online application (coming soon). Students applying for grades 6-12 are expected to complete a portion of the application themselves. The application for grades K-5 is completed by parents.

2. 3 years of school records including grades and formal transcripts

Teacher recommendations. Applicants in grades 1-5 submit one from their main classroom teacher. Those in grades 6-12 provide recommendations from: an English teacher; a math teacher; and a representative of the school, which can be the principal, an advisor, or counselor. For applicants to kindergarten, there is an observation form to be filled out by their preschool teacher.

3. An in-person visit day where the applicant spends the day at H.I.S participating in current-grade level classes. Applicants for kindergarten participate in a group playdate in place of the visit day and a representative of the school will observe the applicant in the familiar learning setting of their preschool if possible.

Application Review
Each application is reviewed by a committee that is led by the Admission Officer and comprised of faculty, staff and administrator. Committees begin each evaluation by asking the overarching question, “Does the applicant have the potential to thrive and be happy in this environment?” They consider school records, teacher recommendations, relevant testing data, personal and family interviews, visit day observations, and other aspects of the applicant’s learning profile to determine:

1. Is the applicant ready for us, and are we ready for them?
2. Are they capable of being successful in our learning environment; can we challenge and support them, recognizing their needs as an individual learner?

3. Does the applicant demonstrate strong character and the potential for leadership?

4. Will the family partner with the school in supporting the needs of the student?

Notification of Decision
Applicants are notified by the Admission Officer via telephone, e-mail or mail with one of the following decisions:

1. accepted and offered enrollment
2. accepted and offered a place in the waitpool if a given grade is full
3. denied admission if the admission committee determines that an applicant is not a good fit for the school.

Enrollment Process
Enrollment agreements are sent through the mail or e-mail and must be completed and returned with a non-refundable tuition deposit within two weeks, after which the space reserved for the given student will be considered forfeited and may be offered to another applicant.

Once a completed enrollment agreement and deposit are received by the school, the Business Office will create an account and begin correspondence with the family regarding tuition payment options. Tuition may be paid in one of the following ways:

1. One payment
2. Two payments, each equal to 50% of the net amount due. This payment option includes an interest charge.  

Waitpools & Mid-Year Enrollments
When space becomes available in a grade with waitpools, or when an opportunity for mid-year enrollment exists, the Admission Officer and Head Of Schools evaluate the needs of a given grade and then consider students in the waitpool to determine who should be offered the spot.

Admission to Hansal International School is based upon a variety of factors without consideration of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.

"H.I.S. is the only school in Bayelsa State that emphasizes the development of character and integrity so successfully. In addition, the K-12 community is a unique and valuable experience. ".                                                                                                            ...........Mrs. Fakuma (Parent)......


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