The Kindergarten section of Hansal International School is a specially-prepared Montessori, Frobel and British environment, laying a solid foundation for children aged 18 months to 5+. All our pupils follow an adapted form of the Montessori, frobel and British method of child education which is regarded throughout the world as unsurpassed in its ability to help younger children achieve their full potential.
Our Kindergarten classes are divided into four levels:
Creche (12 months+)
Toddler (2+)
Nursery 1 (3+)
Nursery 2 (4+)
Nursery 3 (5+)
The teaching approach is child-centred. It neither imposes on the child nor does it abandon him/her in total free play. Each class is equipped with Montessori didactic materials in the five Montessori curriculum areas:

Practical Life Exercises
Sensorial Education
Cultural Subjects
These provide formative activities for the pupils within a carefully planned and structured environment in which the child can learn and grow at his/her own pace, along the lines of natural development, with the teacher acting as a guide, facilitator and an encourager.

There is an assembly at 8:30 am everyday except on Thursdays where pupils participate in songs, poems, recitations and short plays.


Along Imiringi Road, After Matho Crystal Hotel, Yenagoa,
Bayelsa State, Nigeria.


Phone 1: +234 (0) 803 4946 028 
Phone 2: +234 (0) 806 6448 272

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